It seems that a break is required from the blog site here and there.  Or maybe I just ran out of things to say.  I’m on twitter compulsively, like it is a novel and I’m about to find out what happens next.  Here, not so much.

Maybe it is the commentary…  I’m just scared and sad.  For all of us.  What else is there to say?

Perhaps it is time to turn my attention to other topics.  Not because I’m not concerned or paying attention or wishing desperately that we could all just be reasonable and handle what must be handled honestly, cleanly, and without violence.


One thought on “Periodically

  1. E—Cheer up, my friend. There is nothing going on that has not already occurred at some time in the past. I love history for this very reason: history gives me perspective on the present and a degree of predictability for the future. We Creatives tend to live life deeply and idealistically and the rest of the world merely exists. This is our gift to the world and we must share it or lose ourselves in the process. As for Twitter, I am not really certain how to best utilize that forum…? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Please do not stop blogging! XO DWD

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