Girl Gone

I am gone.  Have been gone?

No, present tense.  I am currently gone.  I don’t know when I will come back, but the first whisper of a notion that I must come back has begun caressing my ear.

There are reasons.  None of them interesting or unique.  The life and the writing used to live in symbiosis, but the life got bigger and greedier.  The writing is still unconvinced it is as important, as worthy, as the dishes and laundry and dog and groceries and …

It takes a woman to prioritize dishes over a voice.

There is also the notion that the things I have to say are not necessary in the world. One more white lady with deep thoughts? Oh, we are so short on those.  I went back to my friend Alison’s blog and had a borrowed thought.  I don’t have to be necessary to the world; I can be necessary to myself.

This is about five minutes old, this chain of thoughts.  I came here because there is a recipe I keep buried in wordpress, and I had a moment where wordpress was lost to me.  Password?  No idea.  Log in? Beats me.

But google remembers – a blessing and a curse – and I am a centimeter less gone than I was an hour ago.

Girl Gone

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