About A.R. Williams

I’m so terribly uninteresting.  I’ve had the same best friend since I was 12.  My trail of broken hearts looks more like a cul-de-sac: it goes no where.  When I get wild and crazy, I write naughty stories.  Usually, I go to work and think about philosophy, randomness, and plotting while I commute.  Then I come home and put the dog out, fix myself some dinner, and write.  Or watch reruns on NetFlix.  Or obsess about my blog.  And when I need to re-calibrate  I chop up fabric and sew clothes.

What matters more, I hope, is what I’m interested in, which turns into what I write about.

I’m interested in the gap between our “supposed to’s” and our “is’s.”  I’m interested in fear and the things we do to try to establish control when we’re feeling out of control.  I’m interested in what happens after the worst possible thing happens to you.  And that’s what I write about.

The dirty stories aren’t quite that serious.

And if you want to know what happens when I philosophize on the way home from work, it’s all there in the blog.


14 thoughts on “About A.R. Williams

  1. I love your interests! I have a lot of thoughts about expectation, and I think it plays a way larger role in our lives than people give it credit for. Really, I think most people don’t give it any thought at all.


  2. I was having a conversation with my dad yesterday about the demise of thinking critically. Not being *critical,* it isn’t the same thing. But asking questions. Questioning assumptions. Carrying around the fundamental assumption that it is entirely possible that you might be wrong.


    Anyway, with regards to expectations, like most things they cut both ways. I know my parent’s expectations – the ones they hadn’t even considered, like that their kids would all go to college – set the parameters for us. It never even occurred to me that I wouldn’t go to college. Their expectations and, their beliefs about the possibilities framed my own expectations and beliefs. Some of those were positive, some of those were really limiting.

    For me, I really want to get rid of as many expectations as possible. I don’t want to decide anything before it shows itself.

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  3. There’s a bug in the website where not all comments are showing, but I’m attending that. Here’s what you said to help you refresh:

    “Natural beauty and a good personality. I don’t care how attractive you might be, if you are rude or don’t treat people well, then you are ugly in my eyes. I think that sexiness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.”

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